Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

There will be a few caterpillars on Whidbey Island , but it will not be a big year for this most despised of all northwest insects. These creepy crawly worms always get a lot of attention coming in huge numbers every several years, but there are many other insects that are as dependable as rain in June, like aphids. There is always some bug munching on your plants. Every season and weather condition provides the proper condition for a given pest. The best way to make sure that your yard does not succumb to a nasty infestation is to have a program of insect and disease control designed specifically for your landscape. Call or E-mail Island Tree Service today and we will be happy to meet with you and set up a program of care.

Whidbey Island is a prime climate for MOSS during the winter and spring months. Luckily, Spray Service on Whidbey can help you control this turf invader. Turf continues to grow slowly during the winter months, a very important time to nourish the root system strengthening your lawn for the next season. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Summer dormancy in turfgrass is normal. On Whidbey Island, lawns become brown. Your lawn is not dead. Certain types of grass are more tolerant to drought than others. So as we move into Fall, some areas green up faster than others. This is an important time to fertilize and also do some weed control. We do this treatment in September and October to bring your lawn back from “The Dead” and keep those nasty little dandelions from popping up.

We make every effort to be sure that there will be enough time for the materials we apply to your landscape to dry. But if we get a sudden squall, we'll be back to do it again.

Each treatment we offer to make your lawn beautiful must be timed to fit the season. We will start treating for dandilions with our SummerGreen 1 weed control with fertilizer treatment by late May. For the weed control to work efficiently, we need soil temperatures to warm. We treat for weeds in the lawn early and late summer, at the beginning and the end of their growing season. It's the same with moss, treating moss late fall and spring, at the beginning and end of its growing season. 2 treatments with weed control and summer fertilizer, 2 treatments with moss control and winter fertilizer keeps your lawn in good shape.

Yes, we have some wonderful organic insecticides and fungicides available to use now. We spray your trees and shrubs each summer and fall with organic products. Please ask for more information.

We are still Island Tree Service, as we have been since 1981. But with the introduction of the internet, we needed a more specific name to operate under. If you search Island Tree Service on the web, you will find there are several other businesses with that name in the country. So now we operate as Spray Service on Whidbey and can be found at . When you look for a spray service on Whidbey Island, you'll get straight to us!