Tree and Shrub Spraying

Trees and shrubs bring scale to your landscapes, framing its many lovely features and providing shade and texture. Our horticultural spraying program is tailored to keep your trees and greenery healthy and vibrant, your orchards rich and prolific.

  • During the wintertime when plants lie dormant we apply a protectant fungicide and botanic insecticide, especially important for fruit trees and spruce.
  • Early spring is the time for tree and shrub bed fertilization. We enrich your landscape through an application of fertilizer and micronutrients that remains available to plants as they grow.
  • Spring is the time for our weather to warm. We apply a protectant fungicide and botanic insecticide and control caterpillars and other insects that are hatching.
  • Summer and it’s heat is the time for a application of a botanical insecticide blend for quick knockdown of aphids, spiders and other summer pests.
  • In early fall we protect your trees and shrubs from spiders, pear slugs and webworms with a botanical insecticide.
  • No waiting to harvest your fruit. (We advise rinsing.)
  • Our early summer application is about 60 days after spring application and the late summer treatment is about 60 days later. This schedule can vary dependant upon weather conditions.

Basic Lawn Care Spray Program

  • Season lawn care – Beginning as winter winds down and Spring begins, our basic lawn program applies fertilizer, fungicide and moss control to revitalize your lawn, promote deep root growth and revitalize the turf.
  • Summers can be demanding and fertilizer applications and broadleaf weed control can help your lawn through heat stress and provide a nice greenup before grasses grow dormant.
  • Early Fall is a perfect time to continue fertilizer applications and continue broadleaf weed control.
  • Winters on Whidbey Island are mild and the most important time of year to fertilize the lawn to foster root growth and insure hardiness.
  • Mow less, all treatments are geared to a lighter mowing schedule.

Deluxe Lawn Care

Deluxe Lawn Care program is in addition to our basic program services.

  • In Springtime we apply a slow release fertilizer for deep down vitality.
  • Summer demands an additional treatment of slow release fertilizer to assist your turf through the stressfull hot dry days.
  • January is perfect for agricultural lime treatment to improve soil Ph and structure.
  • Treatments are about 6 weeks apart March through November, depending upon weather.
  • Cranefly control is available upon request.

Weed Control

Island Tree Service provides the weed control you will need for your landscape, including:

  • Driveway Weed Suppression
  • Generally a spring application will keep weeds under control for a season.
  • Ornamental Bed Weed Suppression
  • Spring and fall applications for best control.
  • Blackberry, Thistle, and Noxious Weed Control